Lavender and Clary Sage Body Balm Recipe

Here’s a project I did awhile ago but am just now posting. What with the move and all, I’ve had to take a long, hard look at my craft materials, and strangely this has been harder than going through other things, like, say, my clothes.

In the big craft weedout, I came across about a cup of chipped beeswax.  I can’t just toss this, I thought. I also had a small bottle of almond oil and the dregs at the bottom of a jar of coconut oil.

What would happen if I mixed them together? Would they become lip-balmy? A big gooey mess? What did I have to lose by trying?

So…I fashioned a makeshift double-boiler on the stove, added the ingredients to the nearly empty coconut oil jar, and let them slowly begin to meld(see above). When the wax and oils were evenly melted, I tossed a drop of the mixture onto the counter to see how it hardened. It wasn’t as hard as candle wax but not gooey at all. Seemed good to me, so I added essential oils and poured the mixture into my muffin tin lined with foil. Soon the mixture began to harden and turn from clear to white.

The resulting “balm” smells great and can be rubbed on the skin or lips.

Here’s my recipe:

1 cup chipped beeswax

4 oz. almond oil

1 tablespoon coconut oil

20 drops lavendar essential oil

10 drops clary sage essential oil

I think in the end it made about 8 rounds that are about 1/3 inch or more thick.

I like the way they look like little icebergs.