Flourless Oatmeal and Dried Cherry Bars

Gluten Free Oatmeal Bar

So these came from Budget Bytes. They are the “Apricot-Walnut Bars,” but I used pecans and dried cherries since that was what I had on hand. They’re super easy, there’s very little added sugar, and I was able to use gluten-free oats—-triple win! My seven-year-old (who has gluten troubles) loves them, which is no small compliment. Recipe here.

You use mashed banana for sweetness and stick-together-ness, which means the bars taste a little like banana bread–yum! We eat them for snacks and sometimes for breakfast.

American friends, how was Thanksgiving? We enjoyed time with extended family down at the beach. Beforehand, the hubs and I got to spend a few days in Mexico (thanks, mom and dad for kid-watching!). The trip was great, but we got stuck an extra day, which was not the most fun. Fortunately we had lots of folks covering for us back home with the kiddos—-I’m eternally grateful.

Christmas is now descending upon me, and I feel only half-ready and half-remembering what it was I meant to do to prepare. I’m going to try to post some round-ups of favorite gifts to give. recipes, and simple crafts, so stay tuned. As usual, I’m spending most of my kids-in-school time working on my novel. Is it getting anywhere? I sincerely hope so!

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A Dangerous Combo

Maybe I’m a party pooper, but regular Nutella is just too sweet for me. I figured there had to be a dark chocolate alternative, and sure enough, I found “Samba Dark”—-not Nutella brand but very similar. By accident I spread it on my bread with a knife that still had a smidgen of raspberry jam on it. Oh my! What bliss! What a dangerously easy indulgence! I can’t be the first person who’s tried this, but still, I feel rather brilliant about the discovery. It reminds me of those old commericals for Reese’s where Frankenstein accidentally mixes peanut butter and chocolate together.

Don’t know if you can find dark Nutella-like stuff in the states. I may have to get a case of it for the container before our assignment in Germany ends. Luckily I have awhile to figure that out.

Still reading Julia Child’s My Life in France—-although the section I’m reading currently is about her life in Germany. Sehr interessant.