Simplest Christmas Craft Ever

I had to come up with something easy for the kids to do at the school holiday event. This is about as simple as it comes. You can do it using recycled cardboard and without glue. I got the inspiration here (this blog, by artist Patricia Zapata, has all kinds of great recycling crafts as well as other awesome goodies, like printable pdfs). My version uses a simpler shape that can be cut with scissors, so it’s a perfect project for young kids.

You could always add further decoration: sequins, glitter, paper ornaments, yarn. You could also sew a loop through the tip and hang it on your tree. Personally I like the simplicity of the tree without decoration, especially the way the packaging becomes decorative out of context, when you almost don’t know what it is anymore. You can certainly do this with other shapes, too (circles, stars, hearts).  I think a whole forest of trees in different sizes would be awesome. Let me know if you make some. I have included at the bottom a template, just in case you want one. For personal use only, please. But if you can bear it, I recommend letting the kids make their own tree shapes or whatever shapes they like. I found cutting the slit just a little bit further than halfway made for easy assembly.

Our three-year-old has been singing “We Miss You, America” to the tune of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”—-completely unaware that these are not the real words.

Back-to-School Pencil Bouquets

My firstborn starts kindergarten this week. For the teacher’s back-to-school luncheon, I was drafted to create a decoration for the tables. I prefer decorations that are useful, reusable, or recyclable, so I came up with something simple using school supplies that the teachers could then use in their classrooms.  


I started with a straight-sided vase. In the center are three rulers tied up with a ribbon. Around that I arranged a rubber-banded bundle of markers, then wrapped the bundle with one flat strip of paper and one fringed strip, both in blue (the school color). Around the marker bundle I just stuck in a bunch of pencils, and they began to fall in that fun arrangement.

Copy edits are in on Slowpoke. Next I should get a peek at the artwork!