Summer Journal: Shadow Puppet Theater

Shadow Puppet Theater

My kids created this after seeing something similar on the ending of an episode of Curious George. See, TV isn’t all bad. The theater is basically a box with one side cut out and covered over with a sheet of white paper.

Shadow Puppets

The other shape with the cat (above) is an airplane. Of course.

Shadow PuppetsThey used chopstick pieces as holders. I’m loving the cardboard factory that is our dining room right now. Each package that enters the house is eyed as building material.

Our five-year-old wants to make a ball (sphere) of cardboard. Hmmmm……which gives me an idea…..

Whadya Get?

We got lots of nice things for Christmas. These are some things I bought at the Waldorf School Christmas Bazaar or that my son brought home from the Waldorf Kindergarten here in Hannover. Some things have already been engulfed into the Land of Lost Toys, but maybe they’ll turn up for their close-ups soon.

The Waldorf community makes the most awesome toys in the world, in my opinion. Above are a hand puppet (the bearded guy), a tiny knitted doll and crib on a string, a snowflake angel ornament, and a beeswax turtle. I’m kind of wishing I were six so I could wear the crib doll around my neck. The crib reverses into a little pouch so you can carry her safely.

Below are a first aid kit (has bandages and cotton and, very German, a piece of candy), a crocheted crown, and a beeswax nativity scene. Sadly, Joseph has already lost a limb. Sorry Joseph! You were just too tempting to let alone. My three-year-old son really wanted the first aid kit—-he calls it his wallet. I love the uneven blanket stitching.

Check out some new features on the blog: you can now get more easily to my favorite projects/ tutorials, recipes, and writing exercises, plus you can see my flickr stream. Off to make sandwiches for supper. I have totally picked up this German tradition—it’s a lot easier on old mom.

Washcloth Puppets


More Christmas gifts. These started out as terry velour Boppy covers I had hand-dyed (I did a little gel-glue batik on the fabric as well). I did something wrong with the sewing pattern, and the covers never fit the Boppy all that well. Once my son was crawling I knew we’d never use them again. I hated to part with the fabric, though, so I thought I’d make some washcloth puppets out of them for all the kids in the family.  I used my husband’s hand as a guide for the pattern.

I probably could’ve done something simpler for the eyes, but since some of the recipients are under two, I worried that  plastic googly eyes might become a choking hazard. I ended up hand-sewing on eyes I made out of  t-shirt fabric (I colored the pupils with a fabric marker).

The noses were my first attempt at machine applique. This tutorial at Sew, Mama, Sew was really helpful. I wouldn’t recommend appliqueing terry on top of terry, at least on your first try. I found flannel applique on top was much easier.