Simple Knight Costume


Knight "Helmet"DSC_0965   DSC_0973

I made four of these after one of our nephews asked for a knight costume like the German Waldorf one our son has. I figured everyone should have one!

The “tabard” (red drapey thing) is basically a round-cornered rectangle with a hole for the head, finished with bias binding. I machine-appliqued letters on the front of each.

The “helmet” my son has is crocheted with silvery yarn, but I don’t crochet and knew I couldn’t knit anything fast enough, so I came up with a balaclava-type answer.

The first nephew got one made from a thrifted silvery sweater (picture #2). The sweater wasn’t big enough to make more helmets, though, and I knew the other three nephews (brothers) would be happier if theirs were all the same.

So, I made theirs out of a thrifted grey polo, with the added bonus of the bottom edges  already being finished (parts of the sleeves or bottom hem of the shirt). I added a “visor” of sparkly thrifted fabric and added pewter-look buttons to each side as the bolts.

I thought they turned out really well. Also, the time invested ended up feeling appropriate. Know what I mean?

I hope my little knights will defend their aunt when necessary! Although I look kind of Joan of Arc-y myself, don’t you think? Maybe I should’ve made one for me.