It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Actually, it’s not that hard here. 

I’m one of those people who just hates to throw things away, but I love to recycle them. Evidently the Germans do, too. I would say about 75% of packaging we’ve encountered is made of paper or plastic, and it’s all recyclable. You get one sack for paper (blue) and one sack for plastic (yellow). The sacks are picked up once a week. Then there’s about 24% of packaging that’s glass and must either be returned to the store to redeem a deposit or placed in the large neighborhood bins. When you compost your scraps in the bin downstairs (I love this!), you end up with hardly any regular garbage at all. I haven’t yet figured out what we’re supposed to do with cans and tins.

I enjoy looking at all the various packaging. They are very fond of the collapsible carton here–recyclable, of course. I think this egg carton, which also comes in orange, is especially handsome.