Hand-Shaped Drawings

My little folks have been making these lately. Yes, permission was granted for posting. Actually, I was requested to post pictures—a first.

They come from a book the little man was given for Christmas:

Hand Art (Chicken Socks)

They’ve had lots of fun with it. It kind of reminds me of Ed Emberley’s stuff. Do you remember his books? I used to love them as a kid. I need to pull out our copy of this:

View Image

I would highly recommend either of these books as a gift.

We just returned from Italy, so stay tuned for travel updates.

Quick and Simple Gift Idea: Decorated Shopping Tote

The kids decorated this bag together the other day for a friend’s birthday. It’s a shopping tote that zips into pouch-shape so you can store it in your purse and have it handy. Here in Germany pretty much everybody has re-useable totes because you have to pay extra for grocery bags.

The bag comes from dharma trading, which has a ton of other bag options for very reasonable prices. I think you can get some blank totes at Michael’s, too, but maybe not the lightweight zipper kind like this. The kids used Sharpies because we couldn’t find our Tee Juice markers, but I would recommend the fabric markers because the colors will wear better.

Here’s the back:

I thought it turned out really well.