From left to right, starting from the top:

1. Easy Doll Dress

2. Fishy Wall

3. Native Flowers Painting

5. Picnic Quilt

6. Washcloth Puppet

7. Hand-Carved Stamp

8. Garden Skirt

9. Semi-Homemade Halloween: Easy Fireman Costume

10. Hand-Stamped Fabric

11. Waldorf Fella

12. Persimmon Cashmere Scarf

13. Kid’s Art on Shopping Bag

14. Golden Fleece Wrist Warmers

15. Patchwork Duvet Cover

16. Homemade Knit Stabilizer (and Jersey Scarf)

17. Girl’s Corduroy Skirt

18. Simple Hat from PJ’s

19. Linen Anda Dress

20.Cuppa Cuppa Bedcover

21. Haiku Sweater

22. Jersey Scarf

23. Overdyed Pashmina Shawl

24. Linen Skirt with Ruffle

For more paintings, click here.

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