The Cardboard Factory

Cardboard Crafts

I’m not exactly sure where it started (maybe with the rocket? maybe with this book?), but over the course of the summer, our dining room became piled high with cardboard creations.

I thought I’d share a few, in case they might inspire you or your kids. The center photo is the first guitar my son made. The others, clockwise from the top: a rocket, guitar  #2 and drum, shadow puppets, tube puppets, shadow puppet theater, and sword.

Summer’s over, and the factory had to be cleaned up, but we make sure to have a small cardboard stash at all times for building material. For more kid’s crafts, click here.

7 thoughts on “The Cardboard Factory

  1. Cardboard is a great art resource for kids. I remember when Austin was about 3-4, Shane took a couple of large cardboard boxes and made him a very realistic locomotive. Shane is also pretty good as an artist and painted the locomotive to be even more realistic. Have fun, kids.

    GD Bob

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