Child’s Linen Shorts

Boy's Linen Shorts

I had enough leftover fabric from this dress to make something kid-sized, and my boy said he’d be up for some new shorts. So many store-bought kids’ shorts seem thick and bunchy at the waist, so I thought I’d make him some that looked sharp but felt light and comfy.

I used Made by Rae’s free basic pant pattern, which I also used to make these. I gather the pattern is no longer available in that format. Rae does, however, have a new graded pants pattern (Parsley Pants) for sale. It looks to be similar, with maybe more bells and whistles and definitely way more sizes. I have to say she does an awesome job of explaining and tutorializing, so I’m sure you’d be happy with her pattern. The original was a perfect beginner project.

For the shorts, I followed the directions for flat-front shorts with front and back pockets. It was really so easy. The pockets were lots of fun (no, seriously, I mean that), and in the last photo you can see the lining, made out of a thrifted men’s shirt. Oops, I see threads that need trimming.

Red Linen Shorts

Oops again, I didn’t adjust the sizing enough. Rae’s original pattern was for 3T, and I was making them for an almost-six-year-old, so, I should’ve known better. Oh well, no harm done. I added side panels.

Linen Shorts

Voila! Now they fit. They must be comfy, because he wore them to play tennis the other day. I do love linen.

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P.S. Currently reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Won’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain. Fascinating.


3 thoughts on “Child’s Linen Shorts

  1. Hi hi!! The free newborn pants pattern is still available on my blog…not sure why you thought it wasn’t anymore? Anyway, these are great! 🙂

    • Hi Rae–thanks! These we made with modifications from the basic pant pattern, which I couldn’t find. But maybe I just didn’t look in the right places. Anyway thanks for the pattern and instrux. They’re very handy!

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