The Flying Dress

Anyone remember Sally Field in The Flying Nun? It’s a ridiculous show from the late 1960s. Ms. Field plays a nun with an enormous cornette (headpiece for her habit) that, yes, helps her fly. Hard to believe it was ever made into a show.

When I first finished it, this dress looked like it was going to launch me into the friendly skies. I had sized the pattern down a bit, but I guess I didn’t size down the cap sleeves. That, and stiffness of the double layered fabric gave me wings.

So, I hacked them down. I’ve worn it several times (when it was warmer), but I didn’t get the sizing quite right and it kind of pops open when I sit down. So attractive. And I made loads of mistakes on the dress. I may retire it now, but all in all, I’m pretty proud of it. I’d never made anything with so many buttons. Or persevered through so many mistakes and such a horrible pattern. And the sizing, while off, was still a good exercise—it almost worked.

Please, I beg you, don’t ever use this free pattern from Bernina. I was going to link to it, but really, I don’t even want you to know where it exists. It costs you more time than the free-ness is worth.

I found it through Kathleen Frances’s excellent sewing blog, grosgrain. I love her Frock by Friday sewalongs, but this one, as Kathleen herself says, is just a bad pattern.

That said, I love a shirtdress, and they’re hard to find in different colors, so I may try again with this pattern. If I’m feeling brave.

Speaking of failed sewing projects, here’s one from a favorite blogger. It’s great to know other people fail. And to remember you’ll never get good at most anything if you’re not willing to fall on your face a lot.

In other news, I had some amazing baked oatmeal the other weekend at our cousins’ house. Must try. Related to that, I finally got from the library the book Vintage Cakes because of this blog post about the oatmeal cake with coconut. It looks like so my thing.

Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “The Flying Dress

  1. Love, love, love baked oatmeal. And BTW, I think you should change your FB profile pic to the one above. It’s so fun!

  2. hey! so glad I found your blog! thanks for the ping back to mine. I love this dress and love your flying pose! shirt dresses are so cute, this is inspiring me to dig up one I made but need to ‘save’ a little bit (and I’ve been avoiding all those buttons and buttonholes, ahem.)

  3. Hi Emily, I’m in awe of your sewing skills anyway, even if not so successful this time. I will keep reading your blog from Dubai 🙂

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