Black Bean and Rice Salad

This one is another Foster’s Market goodie, really delicious. Though I have to admit it was more work than it seemed it should’ve been. And I didn’t even make the from-scratch salsa or the cornbread croutons!

Thinking it over, I’m wondering if there are any other shortcuts I could’ve taken without sacrificing flavor. I guess chopping is chopping, and I’m just not very fast or neat about it. It’s a hazard of cooking with a bunch of fresh vegetables.

The interesting twist with this dish is really the rice- and-beans-as-room-temp-salad concept instead of as a kind of warm stew. I’m fond of both, but the salad option definitely preserves a kind of freshness that’s hard to resist. I think you could mimic a version of this using plain rice and canned beans, scaling back the chopping work and just relying on a good salsa, avocado, and cilantro to do the work.

That’s only if you’re short on time, though. Otherwise I say do the whole shebang.

Another Foster’s Market goodie I’ve enjoyed lately was this Coconut-with-Lemon-Curd cake, which the Hubs made for my birthday. Oh joy! I am less and less a dessert person these days, but this cake makes me weak. It’s a lot of work, too, so thank you Hubs 🙂

It’s finally getting cooler here, so I’m moving on from salads back into my soup menus.

Meanwhile, had a great time at the SCBWI Carolinas conference (SCBWI is the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and got some good revision shots in the arm. I’m back to revising, revising, revising, and trying to resist temptations to craft during writing time. It’s hard.

Currently reading On the Shores of Plum Creek (Laura Ingalls Wilder). What about you? What are you reading? Found any great fall soup recipes?


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