A Peek into our Hall Corner

I thought you might like to see a little corner of our home. We live in a German altbau(old building) apartment. Our building dates from around 1900.

This little corner is where our front hall meets our very long, narrow, bowling-alley-like main hall. I can’t remember if it was intentional, but the collection of images is a little homage to my home state of South Carolina. It’s the focal point of our entryway.

The top photograph, entitled Foggy is by South Carolina photographer Robin Smith (find him here) and the bottom photograph, of the Hutchinson House on Edisto Island, is by Susan Roberts (find her here).

The painting is by me, a gift to my husband before we were married. I painted it in Boston, and I remember someone asking me, is there really such a thing as Spanish moss?

It made me laugh, considering that I’d had Spanish moss in my backyard my whole life. Yes, people, it’s real. Not made up for the movies. It’s nice to be able to have a little reminder of it here with me in Germany. We’ll be seeing Spanish moss again soon!

The desk and rug belonged to my husband’s grandparents.

We’re sorting our things, getting things in order, and I’m trying as best I can to stay on my writing schedule until the last minute. This novel has got to happen.

7 thoughts on “A Peek into our Hall Corner

    • Yes, we’re at the end of our overseas contract and are moving back to Charlotte, to our house. We have only a few weeks here. The time has really flown by. What an adventure it’s been for us!

  1. Remember when you are at Edisto to go to the Wednesday craft fair at Big Bay Park. Last week Susan Roberts herself was there and you might get to meet her. There was at least one other phtotographer and some pretty nice craft booths as well as Charleston’s Best Pickles. They are yummy. A woman from Jamaica makes them at her home. The hall corner looks really nice in the pictures!

  2. My sister and I are heading up to Charleston on Thursday with the four kiddos. We will be in NC with Keith by Saturday!

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