Green Apple-Avocado Salsa

Now that the weather is finally getting warm here in Germany, I’m starting to think about salads and fruits again. This is an old favorite Cooking Light recipe. When I made it last week I didn’t have any red onion, so I subbed scallions, and my bell pepper was yellow (not red), so it was a little less colorful than usual but just as delicious. One recipe note: when I’m using red onion, I like to cook it slightly to make its impact a tiny bit milder.

Last week I served this with pork chops but also spooned the salsa on top of roasted broccoli and on top of my green salad, too. I couldn’t stop eating it. I imagine it would also be fantastic with black bean tacos or tortilla chips.The salsa is really the star of the show, so you could build a meal around it however you like.

Side note: The first time I had this salsa was when my former boss made it for me once with pork fajitas because she knew I loved pork. What an awesome boss, right?

For more less-meaty recipe inspiration, check out this page.

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