Flamenco in Mijas, Spain

On our recent trip through Andalusia, Mijas (“MEE-haass”) was a highlight. One of the lovely white towns (so-called because of their white buildings) Mijas has great food, donkey and horse rides, and best of all, a Wednesday noontime flamenco performance.

The electricity of flamenco is contagious. These dancers and musicians are true artists. If we’d spent any more time in Spain, I seriously would’ve had to sign up for flamenco lessons (you can, by the way, do this). The performance made me want to hop up and do some serious DANCING!

Here’s a view of Mijas from the hill—-you can see why it’s called a “white town.”

On another day we happened upon the flamenco floor of a department store. “Happened upon”—who am I kidding? Once I heard there was such a thing as a “flamenco department” I was making a beeline. Ahhh….heaven!

Talk about serious artistry. All handmade. One of these babies will set you back around 500 euros or more. I couldn’t QUITE justify the money. But we did get a cheapo version for Little Miss.

I think I’ve got to learn some flamenco sewing techniques now. So far the internet hasn’t been all that helpful, so shout if you know any tricks.

More on Spain to come. For more on our travels around Europe, just click on the “Travel” category on the right.

Currently reading Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast, a recommendation from my husband. I’m still not a total e-book lover, but it WAS awesome to be able to pull up The Sun Also Rises,W. Irving’s Tales of the Alhambra, and The Big House by Carolyn Coman while in Spain. I love traveling by book and car/plane at the same time.

Hope you have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Flamenco in Mijas, Spain

  1. Eek, a flamenco department?? I’m planning a trip to Spain next year, assuming their current fiscal troubles don’t cause the country to descend into anarchy 🙂 so exciting to see your pics!

  2. You should read The Paris Wife. It’s apparently based on the same time period as A Moveable Feast – in fact AMF is mentioned in one point as a pretty privotal plot point. It was pretty good. Some people in my book club didn’t like the sex scenes but I just skimmed them so I didn’t really notice that they weren’t great.

  3. I do not fancy frills, but LOVE polka dots, and in this case, the dots win! I will take the 3rd dress (green with cream dots) on the 2nd row of the 2nd dress shot. SO FUN!!!! I may even get The Thinker to dance with me! You think????

    • I like the green dots one, too! But there was a blue one in the background (doesn’t show up so well) that I thought was just lovely in person. I have a hard time imagining The Thinker (or in fact, most men) dancing flamenco, but a waltz, sure 😉

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