Simple Ribbon Wreath

There’s a nail on our kitchen door that suddenly cried out for a wreath. Hang something cheerful here! it said. What with this week’s cold front from Siberia (what? Siberia? that’s what they’re saying but I don’t know if this is metaphorical or not) we can use all the cheeriness we can get.

Seems like I saw some kind of fancier ribbon wreath somewhere, I can’t remember, so that must’ve given me the idea of wrapping the ribbon. I wanted it to be really super simple, though, and have my daughter do it using a styrofoam form with my random re-useable ribbon collection* and straight pins. I like knowing it can be rearranged whenever we feel like it, and maybe we’ll try it with cloth strips another time.

My seven-year-old took the project and ran off with it, literally. She did it almost entirely by herself, color choices and all. I love it. I think it looks kind of mod, and I like the layering she did. It’s a perfect kid project because it only takes a few minutes (maybe 15 tops) and the immediate payoff is big. Now my four-year-old wants to do one. For other low-key kid crafts and art stuff that we’ve done, look here.

*I’ve had a random re-useable ribbon collection for many years. It has often been snickered at by roommates (formerly) and then husband, but then who comes to me needing ribbon when it’s present-wrapping time? Hmmm? I find it immensely handy, and when the presents are ones given to immediate family, the ribbons go right back to their nest after clean up. Currently the ribbons live in a clear plastic travel toiletries case, organized by color. I highly recommend getting a collection of your own.

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