Happy New Year, a Little Late

I’m baaa-aaack. We had a long and lazy Christmas and New Year’s break, including a wonderful visit from family  (thank you, family, for visiting us in northern Germany in winter—-you’re very brave).

The picture above was taken on New Year’s Eve when the whole neighborhood was having a fireworks battle in the streets. The normally orderly Germans kind of go nuts on Silvester, as they call it, and make a huge racket with fireworks for hours. The air is thick with smoke, and the sidewalks in the morning are filled with trash. For more info on Silvester in Germany, check out this article.

Did I finish the sweater? Alas, no. A cold slowed me down, and a wrong turn made for a pitiful first sleeve, but the good news is I think I’ve found a way to fix it, and the other sleeve is finished. It’s been a learning process. Chug, chug, chug.

I’ve been re-reading the first Mason-Dixon knitting book (blog link here). It’s so funny. I love that conversational kind of craft book that is really more about getting you inspired than about specific projects (though it has those, too). I tend to like reading about knitting even better than knitting because I knit so slowly. I’ve got to learn the Continental method—-did you know Germans have a slightly different way of knitting that is much faster? Whenever I knit in public here I always get weird looks.

Anyway, I’m back in the swing, with all kind of things to share and all sorts of plans and ideas. I’ve got two writing projects going at the moment, the YA novel and a nonfiction project, and those are taking up the majority of my work time. The good news is they seem to be going somewhere, so I’m all juiced up.

 I’ll be back soon with more. Crafts! Food! Interviews with writers and creatives! Thrift store finds! German architecture! Can you tell I had a little much caffeine today? Let me know if there’s anything you’d especially like to see more of.

See you soon!


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