Slowpoke Giveaway and Discussion Guide: Closed

Want to win a free book?

To celebrate the release of the discussion guide for Slowpoke, I’m holding a giveaway contest. That means you have the chance to win a hardcover, signed copy of my early reader for your very own.

Make sure to check out the discussion guide here, written by the fabulous Tracie Vaughn Zimmer, a talented author in her own right. It’s a great teaching tool, relating Slowpoke to lessons in vocabulary, science, and art. The guide also includes questions for discussing the book with your child or students.

What are the rules?

  • Between now and Saturday, November 5, at 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, answer this question in the comments section: What was the first book you remember reading to yourself (or your child to him or herself)? Or, share your favorite children’s book, or just say “hi”!
  • One entry per person, per household. EXCEPTION: You can be entered twice if you link to this post in your blog, facebook, or Twitter account (or other social media). Add the link (or tell me about it, in the case of facebook) in the comments section so I know about the link and can enter your second chance.
  • This contest is restricted to residents of the United States or Germany.
  • The winner will be chosen using
  • The prize is just one book (not all the books in the photo).

Slowpoke is appropriate for boys or girls. It’s especially geared towards children who are learning to read, but it can be enjoyed as a parent read-aloud as well.

Booklist says: “Pearce’s succinct text will amuse emerging readers with her only slightly exaggerated references to the hectic pace of modern life. Ritchie’s fluid, cartoon-style illustrations are equally adept at conveying the story’s speedy absurdities”

School Library Journal says, “the writing in this easy reader is strong, and Pearce includes humorous examples and descriptions of Fiona’s predicament.”

 Good luck and have fun!

** Please note this giveaway is now closed.

22 thoughts on “Slowpoke Giveaway and Discussion Guide: Closed

  1. As far as I remember the first book I read was Pippi Longstocking… well, as it was in German, I guess it was Pippi Langstrumpf. Back then, there were three thick volumes to get, and I read them all (and not just once)!

  2. Truly I think it was one if the basal readers from school, but I loved it. Something about a pig. I can’t remember the name though. The first book title I can come up with is one fish, 2 fish, red fish blue fish– Dr Suesd.

  3. The first book I remember reading as a child? Little Black Sambo. Does that date me or what. I don’t think they publish that book any more.

  4. domestic diva, Little Black Sambo is still published, but there is also a fabulous revised edition with new illustrations and new names entitled Little Babaji, which makes it more appealing. I too have fond memories of the “purple shoes with crimson soles and crimson linings.” All of that good stuff is still in Little Babaji.

  5. I can’t remember! I think it wasn’t memorable – like a See Jane run. Kind of thing. It’s a shame. New readers need better books like yours! (Later Anne McCaffrey’s dragon books and the Mists of Avalon.)

  6. Hi Emily,
    Knew you as a little girl in Florence. I have an Emily too so your mom and I would talk about our “Emilys” . First books I remember really reading by myself were Dr. Seuss books. Enjoyed the rhymns and the fun of Dr. Suess.

  7. I can’t remember the exact but I too am a See Jane run. On the other hand there is nothing like reading Oh the Places you’ll go to a group of middle schoolers. Now any Sci Fi/Fantasy that my students turn me on to.

  8. As a child one of my favorite books was The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. I loved that house! As a mother, the book that my daughter and I share as our favorite now is Stellaluna by Janell Cannon. I loved reading it to her when she was little and now that she’s older, it has become her favorite book and mine!

    • I used to check The Little House out from the library again and again. When I lived in Boston, the public library had an exhibit of VL Burton’s original illustrations from it and other books. It was so fun to see them in person. Stellaluna is great, too.

  9. I can’t remember the first book I read by myself, but one of my favorite books was Corduroy. I loved the illustrations. As a school librarian I have read a lot of great picture books since then, but it’s still my favorite.

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