What’s On My Night Stand

What are you reading these days? I like to keep a little stack by the bed. And in the kitchen. And by the couch… and pretty much everywhere. Ever read If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler? Pretty much like the character described there.

I haven’t converted to an e-reader yet. I’m not anti-digital but I do so love the physical presence of a book. I trained in print-making, after all. I’m pretty much addicted to paper.

I ordered a few things recommended by friends. The Island at the Center of the World I stole from my husband’s night stand. That would be the absolute best way of finding new books.

Although now he’s got a kindle, and because there’s no cover I can never figure out what he’s reading. So every night I have to ask him.

Downton Abbey is of course a TV series, not a book. It’s a British show that’s supposed to be awesome, done by the same guy (Julian Fellowes) who did the movie Gosford Park.

I seem to be into British TV right now. We’ve been watching Doc Martin.

Meanwhile, I’ve been tackling a revision of my work in progress, a young adult novel. I found out about the shrunken manuscript technique here and can’t wait to dig into that. Also using the spreadsheet technique (from the same website) and reading Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. It’s nice to have some new approaches to the process.

A shout out to all the SCBWI folks who attended the talk in Berlin on Saturday. It was great to meet you all! What amazing weather we had, as we sat outside all afternoon and evening chatting about books. If you’re a writer or illustrator (or aspiring one) living in Germany or Austria, join us at our website here. You can also find us on facebook at Children’s Writers and Illustrators—-Germany. I’d love to see some more events and gatherings here in Northern Germany, so say “hi”  if you live up this way.

Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “What’s On My Night Stand

  1. Drew and I were given Downton Abbey as a gift around Christmas time last year- we LOVED it! The only bad part was when season one ended- but good news! They decided to do a second season and it is supposed to come out in the US (and be available on itunes) early in 2012! Yippee! 🙂

  2. I’ll be reading the Henrietta Lacks book in the next several weeks for my book club. I should get started! I hear it is tremendous.

    I think it would be grand to be part of a Germany SCBWI except hmmmm – I might not understand so much. How is the language coming for you?

    • Hi Joyce—we’ll have to compare notes on Henrietta Lacks. SCBWI Germany is all in English—-but people of any nationality are welcome. Language is coming okay. Some days better than others. I try to practice a bit with some patient friends. So fun to see you and another commenter interacting.

  3. We loved watching Downton Abbey on PBS last season and look forward to the second season. I recently finished reading Sarah’s Key and loved it. I passed it along to Harlan and he liked it a lot, too. He asked me if I cried when I read it which I did. I just finished Blue by Joyce Hostetter yesterday and it was incredible. I was surprised that it was set in places that I know about: Hickory and Charlotte. It reminded me of being a “Polio Pioneer” in my early elementary years in the 50’s. How I hated those shots! They lined the whole class up and sent us to the gym for our shots. I’ll have to look for some of the other books on your list. Don’t give away my copy of The Help. I want to read it again after having seen the movie. Bama

    • Funny, I didn’t know you watched Downton Abbey. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for your recommendations. I don’t remember hearing the Polio Pioneer story before….so interesting. It’s fun to see two commenters interacting here 🙂

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