Bumping into Vampires in Volterra

Spaghetti! Buongiorno! Ragu! Fresca! This is about the extent of my Italian skills. Thank goodness for American convenience foods, eh?

Italy is what I dreamed of during our long gray period this winter in Germany. Like the London women in Enchanted April—-did you ever see it? See the trailer here. The women band together to rent an Italian villa, where they escape a rainy, dreary existence, and all their problems get solved.

Our vacation was exactly like that. Haha!

I didn’t realize I had booked a villa near a town that’s home to characters from a certain very popular YA series. I don’t know, something about good-looking vampires? Maybe you’ve heard of it?

In addition to being featured in New Moon, Volterra is a charming town, fairly small, not too touristy, with a lovely cathedral. I loved its bumpy old streets and funky shops and restaurants.

Also had some fabulous gelato, my number 2 pick in Italy:

We ate gelato every day, so number 2 is a very high ranking.

More Italy posts to come…

2 thoughts on “Bumping into Vampires in Volterra

  1. я ничего не понял, но картинко красивые, правдо малеьние и их мало…но и бог бы с этим:)

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