Beyond Coloring Books

My kids are way into drawing right now, and I hope it continues forever. At this point, they don’t really wanting me sharing their drawings on the blog, but maybe in the future, I hope. I bought them this book (one of our go-to birthday gifts for friends) but made them promise they would share it with me, too:

It’s a coloring book with pages that are primarily blank, with prompts for what you might want to draw on them. For example:
The caption reads, translated from the German: Who sits in the other four cages? Draw keys to free them all.
There’s a whole series of these books. They remind me of my Anti-Coloring Book from back in the day, a similar concept published in America. The idea is to give kids something to imagine, something they can draw themselves, rather than an outline they just color in.
This is the old school cover:
You can still buy these books, for example here, albeit with updated covers.
Here’s one of my favorite drawings from my old Anti-Coloring Book:
Note the I Dream of Jeannie influence on one of the homes. You gotta love SuperStation TBS. The red-haired lady is saying “Good morning, Mr. Doowaddle.”
Here’s another drawing that cracks me up, this time for the 80s references:
Notice any other tv influence? I must’ve watched a lot of tv.
The creator of the Anti-Coloring Books, Susan Striker, has a pretty extensive website, and you can even get free downloadable sample pages from the books there. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Beyond Coloring Books

  1. I give up. What is the other tv influence in the necktie picture? Great blog entry. The German book looks like fun. I hope to see some 2011 kid drawings.

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