Artwork and Etsy Finds


Want to see what’s new in our apartment?

We met local artist Franz Betz on a recent open studios afternoon. He does  a lot of light sculpture, and it was a blast to see his studio. He’s also created an alternative alphabet—-so interesting—you’ll have to go to his website (I’ve linked to the English version above) to read about it. My husband and I zeroed in on these prints. We looked at each other and  just had one of those moments on the same wave length—-somehow they just spoke to us.

We didn’t buy them on the spot but went home, waited a few weeks, and then returned to take another look. This time we had the feeling the prints really belonged in our home, so happy late Christmas to us! These two pieces are part of a series Mr. Betz created for a show in a library. His alphabet spells out the words, in English, “PLOT” and “LOOK.” This really cinched the deal since these words are close to my heart.

I love the reference to language, to printing, the architectural feel, and the way there’s lots of space for imagining with these images. We’re going to hang them near my workspace to inspire me.

I got these earrings (below) from my husband for Christmas. Aren’t they cool? They’re made of leather, really lightweight and comfortable. They’re from this etsy shop, which also has lots of other cool things. Looks like her shop is on vacation right now, so check out her website to see more of her work.

And I gave myself one of these hand-screened desk calendars. Love it! I am still so attached to hand-printed things. As we move further and further into the digital age they seem more and more precious. Yeah, I have a calendar on my computer, but it’s just not as pleasant as glancing over at this one.

Okay, back to work on my young adult novel.

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