Happy Holidays from a Wintry Wonderland


This is me pulling my son on a sled a mile in the snow. Uphill both ways, right? I traded the stroller for a sled the other day because the sidewalks were so blanketed over. Whew, it was hard work, though. Hannover is actually very flat. Behind me is the Machsee, the man-made lake in the center of Hannover.

Here’s another recent review of Slowpoke, this one on Read Aloud Review.

I’ve been enjoying this Dutch blog of late: lightbluegrey (no worries, it’s in English). Check out her elegantly simple sofa bed solution here. Why didn’t I think of that?

Things are getting a little crazy around here, what with Christmas coming, so you probably won’t see me here much until the new year. Bis bald!


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