Waldorf Crafts

My son goes to a special kind of German kindergarten called a Waldorf kindergarten. It’s about the sweetest, earthiest place you could find. They’re very into natural materials and foods and learning through play, fostering imagination. The kids also garden, bake, knit, and weave. Waldorf schools and kindergartens exist in the U.S. but are not all that common, so we feel lucky for the chance to have our son in one.

Part of having your kids at the Waldorf kindergarten means you agree to help out the school in various ways. I’m signed up for the handbarbeitsgruppe, which is the handcrafts group making items for the bazaars. You can imagine what a struggle this is for me. Haha! It’s a lot of fun.

Waldorf-inspired toys are the best in the universe: handmade from natural materials and all about encouraging imaginative play. It’s good for my German, too, although I have to say I prefer it when the group is small because I can follow along a lot better.

I’m really impressed with the quality of the other parents’ work. There is all sorts of intricate needle-felting and doll-making going on. Thankfully, they gave me a beginner’s project: making handfuls of these teeny little Waldorfy dolls (these caps are a Waldorf motif). I can sew just fine but am not really great at detail work. These babies are really simple but start to look special when you do the blanket stitching around the edges (also a very Waldorf motif). The best part is their secret superpower: inside you put pipe cleaners so that they become little action figures when you bend their arms and legs, like so:

Drop and give me twenty!

8 thoughts on “Waldorf Crafts

  1. Emioly, we very much enjoy your blogs (?). It is obvious you ae taking full advantage of your stay in Germany. Make use of it while you can.
    The dolls are very cute. What are their length and tell us about the wooden knob heads.
    We had our first snow of the winter on 11/6. Just a sprinkling but it was pretty coming down and didn’t stick very long. Be sure to change our address to rwm1029@hotmail.com. GD Bob.

    • Hey Granddad—-thanks for reading 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy. The dolls are maybe 2 inches in length, maybe a little more. I thought later I should’ve put a dime next to them—haha. The wooden head is just a wooden bead. Snow already?! We haven’t had any yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if we did soon. It’s been about 40 and raining and should be all week.

  2. I love the little dolls you are making. It reminds me of when you made a whole doll family when you were a child. They were so cute and you worked so hard on them. You had a book which had patterns and described how to make each member of the family. I looked in your doll cabinet to see if some of them are still here but I could not find any of them. Maybe you took them to your house.


    • I have some of them here I think. The dad never got a shirt, I remember. I still have the book, and in fact I once owned two copies of it. I’ll have to do a little blog post about it if I find the book/ dolls.

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