Thinking Pink: Pillows with Hand-Printed Fabric

The pink started here:

My dear husband, for reasons yet unknown, picked out these shades for the lights in our apartment living room. In most apartments here, the lighting fixtures are not included, and since we’re here for a limited time, we didn’t want to spend a lot on them. We have no pink in our house otherwise, so I can only guess he was asking for a dose of color in our lovely but very white white white apartment. Reactions from guests have ranged from: “Fresh! Modern! I love them!” to “Hmmmph. Why? Why?”

I felt the need to echo the pink somewhere else, so recovering our pillows was my first thought. Finding fabrics here has been tough, so I hit up the thrift store, bought old white cotton tablecloths and turned them into something that works.

First I doused the tablecloths in a good strong brew of coffee (no, I did not use the good stuff, honey). Then I broke out a favorite childhood toy.

I love these stamps. I used Deka fabric ink that I found at the local art store. I’ve used Deka ink before, a long time ago, which was more like a gouache consistency. This was different, more gel-like.

You may recognize this shape from another project using dishwasher gel.

Now the pink feels at home.

For more information about printing on fabrics and other surfaces, check out Lena Corwin’s excellent book: Printing by Hand.

2 thoughts on “Thinking Pink: Pillows with Hand-Printed Fabric

  1. How well i know the desperation of WHITE walls when you don’t want to put much money into the place you’ll be in for a short time.

    In Todd’s choice i see a definite fatherly influence (and hear Mira squealing with delight).

    Today is the first day of Spring here…I’m sorry for what that means for you there 😦

    • Thanks, Annette 🙂 Actually it’s gorgeous here today, so gorgeous you just can’t help but smile. If there’s one good thing you can say about the lack of sunshine here, it’s that you treasure every moment of sun when you do have it. The people here are great about getting outside and eating ice cream and walking/ running/ biking/ playing it up.

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