Sketch from Burgundy


I haven’t had a chance to say anything about our trip to France over the summer. I had always wanted to go, so it was really a dream come true. I took a bajillion pictures, some of which I may share on flickr if you’re interested. We spent time in La Camargue, on the coast, and in Burgundy. We loved it all, but the week in Burgundy was so relaxing. I was dying to paint for the first time in ages. I still love to paint, but it’s not often that I get this overwhelming urge to do it—-or even the head space to think about it. Right now it’s just not a very practical pursuit (oil painting anyway), so, I drew a tiny bit.

We could see this church from our bedroom window, and we walked by it nearly every day. I photographed it in every possible light. There’s just something about its simple elegance that struck me.

I was a little anxious but also excited to try out my rusty schoolgirl French. It was received very warmly, I’m glad to say, and we managed just fine. It actually made me feel more confident about using my German back here in Hannover. I’m beginning to accept that it’s okay for me to speak bad German and use hand gestures—-this is the only way I’m going to get better at it, after all. Though I do start German class again next week, which I’m really glad about.

4 thoughts on “Sketch from Burgundy

  1. Oh, how lovely to be swept away from Florence this morning with your sketch and interesting word descriptions. Thank you!

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