Chicken in Parchment Paper with Peppers and Pancetta

It’s a tongue-twister!

I’m running out of things to do with a chicken breast that don’t involve a grill (since we can’t really use one here in our apartment). I was inspired by a Jamie Oliver recipe that I had seen and misplaced. I just used what I had in the house and improvised with directions (but different ingredients) from another parchment paper recipe  from one of my favorite cookbooks: Brilliant by David Joachim.

The result was really yummy, super easy, and fast—-looks much fancier than it is. The most time-consuming part was hammering out the chicken, but then, this makes the cooking time much less and more easily predictable.

Chicken Breasts in Parchment Paper with Pancetta and Peppers

4 chicken breasts, pounded with a mallet to about 1/4 inch thick

1 -2 bell peppers, sliced

6 or so scallions, chopped

4 slices pancetta

handful or so of fresh basil

salt and pepper to taste

parchment paper

Tear off a sheet of parchment paper for each chicken breast, enough to wrap it like a present. Rub a tiny bit of butter or oil on the paper, then top with chicken breast, next pancetta, then veggies and basil. Wrap paper over the chicken lengthwise, like the first part of wrapping a present, but with no tape. Then roll/ twist/ pinch the ends together as tightly as possible. Bake at 375 for 10-15 minutes, until center is cooked. I can’t remember how long it took for ours, but it was pretty quick.

You can also do this with aluminum foil, but I’m partial to parchment paper because it looks so nice and puffs up when it’s done.


3 thoughts on “Chicken in Parchment Paper with Peppers and Pancetta

  1. This sounds very,very good. I bet the pancetta really gives it great flavor. I gave Warren a George Foreman grill (medium size) for Father’s Day and have been using it a lot. I knew he wouldn’t use it,but I wanted one. It cooks, chicken, bacon, and hotdogs really well as well as making a super hamburger. It might be a good alternative for you in the apt. I just plug it in on top of the stove and turn on the stove fan to vent it. I do have some parchment and will try your recipe if I can find pancetta in Sumter. I may have to use good old bacon.

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