Chillin’ at the North Sea

Chillin’ is about the right word. We thought we’d take our first US visitors for a little summer beach getaway, but we had to adjust our expectations a bit about what “summer” means at the North Sea. The first day was in the lower 60s (Farenheit, of course) and windy and wet. The second day was a little warmer and sunny, really very nice, like February in North Carolina.

For a price, you can rent a Strandkorb, which translates literally to “beach basket.” No, it’s not a ready-filled picnic tote or, though it may look like it, a torture chamber. It’s basically a little box in which you can sit shielded from the wind, exposing your legs to the sunshine at the same time. Nifty, eh?

We stayed in Cuxhaven, where at low tide you can walk across the mudflats to the Frisian Islands. This takes about 2 hours, and we hear it’s best to take a guide so as not to get stuck. We decided not to try it with kids who often still ask to be carried.

We enjoyed looking out at the view, though, including the container ships going in and out, and had some fabulous fish—the sole (Scholle) especially.

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