Foster’s Market Roasted Potato Salad

Have I mentioned before how much I love this cookbook? Foster’s Market is a restaurant (actually there are at least two maybe three) in the Triangle area in NC near where I went to college. I discovered the FM cookbook on my mother-in-law’s coffee table several years ago, and then she gave me a copy as a gift. It has been a favorite ever since.

Most of the recipes are more what I would call weekend cooking—-i.e. too complex for weeknights, but boy oh boy everything I’ve made out of it has been completely awesome. The salads, soups, and cakes are my favorite. I dream about the coconut cake with cream cheese frosting.

This salad is really pretty simple. I don’t think I’ve ever followed the directions entirely, but basically the simple dressing (a mustard vinaigrette) makes it taste great no matter how you do it. This time I added wilted scallions and roasted cherry tomatoes. I’m learning to love our little convection oven. I affectionately call it the “Easy Bake” because it’s too small to fit our big fat American cookie sheets, much less a turkey. It roasts potatoes mighty fast, though. The potatoes here are very potatoe-y—-really earthy and delicious.


2 thoughts on “Foster’s Market Roasted Potato Salad

  1. We’ve never heard of Foster’s Market cookbook. Did GM Doris ever give you a copy of the cookbook put out by the First Broad Street United Methodist Church her in Kingsport? It is a local standby. Possibly not as fancy as the one you mentioned but chock full of old standbys with the name of the cook by each. They are probably out of print now

    GD Bob

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