Garden Skirt

Yay! My sewing machine is finally hooked up and working again after the move. I was beginning to miss it badly. My daughter picked out this fabric for a skirt for her birthday, which was awhile back, and now finally it’s finished. It’s a bit bigger than I intended. I wanted it to be a little big so she could keep wearing it a year or more, but this is a little more than that. Oh well. She loves it, and it was very simple to make. I just did a gathered rectangle with an elastic waist. I cheated on the hem and just did a regular seam, but I actually did finish the raw edges on the inside (I hope my mother and mother-in-law will be impressed with this attention to detail).

3 thoughts on “Garden Skirt

  1. VERY cute skirt! 🙂

    Your post prompted a question for me that I think you may be able to answer— did you bring your American sewing machine with you? and if so, how is it working over there?

    I’ve been planning to purchase a new sewing machine for a while now, but have been debating it because I wasn’t sure whether or not it was better for me to buy one before we leave the US or to wait until I get to Germany.. Any advice you can offer on this?

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