A Dangerous Combo

Maybe I’m a party pooper, but regular Nutella is just too sweet for me. I figured there had to be a dark chocolate alternative, and sure enough, I found “Samba Dark”—-not Nutella brand but very similar. By accident I spread it on my bread with a knife that still had a smidgen of raspberry jam on it. Oh my! What bliss! What a dangerously easy indulgence! I can’t be the first person who’s tried this, but still, I feel rather brilliant about the discovery. It reminds me of those old commericals for Reese’s where Frankenstein accidentally mixes peanut butter and chocolate together.

Don’t know if you can find dark Nutella-like stuff in the states. I may have to get a case of it for the container before our assignment in Germany ends. Luckily I have awhile to figure that out.

Still reading Julia Child’s My Life in France—-although the section I’m reading currently is about her life in Germany. Sehr interessant.


6 thoughts on “A Dangerous Combo

  1. We enjoyed your comments about Nutella and the other spread you found. We bagan to see Nutella in the groceries in Switzerland many years ago. Have noticed that it is now readily available in the States.

    Your frequent “short stories” are delightful. Keep sending them. And I hope you are keeping a journal of your experiences in Europe. They will make for fascinating reading in future years.

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