Weeds or Wildflowers?

The attitude here towards dandelions—and other weeds—-is pretty laissez-faire. Dandelions are everywhere, blooming exuberantly among daffodils and grasses. No one seems to mind or think they’re a problem, and when you see a sea of them together they’re really very pretty. My kids and their friends are constantly stopping by the sidewalks to pick bouquets.


4 thoughts on “Weeds or Wildflowers?

    • Yes, which means you actually get to see things like wild poppies grow to maturity. cool. Also, I wonder if when they mow the grass actually becomes hay for feeding animals? I’ll have to research….

  1. I noticed the same thing in Germany and really started loving it. Then when we got to the US for the summer, there were deer in front of the house. Guess what the only thing they ate was? Every single blooming dandelion. It was beautiful!

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