Works in Progress

I haven’t had much time to craft these days, but when I do, I’ve been working on these:

I bought the materials for this rug (pre-cut wool strips and stiff heavy thread) at a funky garage sale in Contocook, NH about ten years ago.  After starting the rug I moved and no longer had a need for it, but I had a hard time letting go. I nearly sold it at a garage sale of my own, but here I am, needing rugs again, so I figure I’ll try to finish it this time. It reminds me of my granny’s braided rug and also of Jacob’s in Jacob Had a Little Overcoat.

The yarn here is a cashmere-silk blend I bought for a song at Tuesday Morning. I guess it was there because of the color, but I love orange, and it’s so yummy and soft. I just hope I have enough yarn to make it long enough. That’s what I get for knitting without a plan.

I’m hoping that posting about unfinished projects may inspire me to finish them 🙂

4 thoughts on “Works in Progress

  1. My first comment: very pretty! Second: how strange to read that you live in Germany, and then read that you bought the supplies for the rug in Contoocook, NH, which is the next town over from where I live!

    • Thanks! And so funny that you live near Contoocook. It seemed it was one of those weekly garage sales with all kinds of crazy stuff and interesting people doing the selling. My friend picked up a load of wool yarn. It was such a great sale that we kept trying to find it every time we went that way (we lived in Boston) but we had trouble finding Contoocook again. If it (the sale) still exists maybe you can find it. Thanks for visiting.

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