Three Days in Hamburg




“I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg”—John Lennon

Unfortunately we were a few decades late to catch the young Beatles, but on our recent trip to Hamburg we had a big time.

We were lucky to find a great place to stay via Because of the average size of hotel rooms here (think bed with walls built around it) I was keen on finding something a little bigger for the four of us, and here a bed and breakfast seems a good way to do that. “Bed and breakfast” means something a little different here than in the states, though. It was more like a studio apartment (with shared bathroom) in someone’s house. It was really nice, however, super clean, tastefully decorated, and our hosts made an excellent breakfast, were great with the kids and with helping us find our way. The price was also a very good value.

Highlights: ferry ride on the Elbe River, hot chocolate overlooking the harbor, a peep at St. Michaeliskirche, fish at a Portuguese restaurant, a visit to the fabulous Planten un Blomen garden, ice cream and dinner with friends, and to top it all off, a morning at Minatur Wonderland: the biggest model railway in the world.

6 thoughts on “Three Days in Hamburg

  1. You are making me homesick for Europe. When Chuck and I were in Berlin with our two teens – we actually had a large airy hotel room with 3 beds.

    Ah that was 2 nights. I do remember a much smaller space for one night.

    Your B & B experience sounds very cool.

  2. DEar Emily and Todd,
    I’m so happy you all are already seeing other parts of the country. Love and hugs, Aunt Nancy

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