My Life in Germany

I’m currently reading Julia Child’s My Life in France. Yes, I know, everyone in the U.S. read it last year, so I’m a little behind the times, but it’s  fun to read about her struggling with and mastering the language, learning to shop, and of course, learning to cook. I feel like I’m going through some of the same stuff in a different time and space—-and with less time to think about cooking. If I could ask her one question it would be: how on earth did you find space in your Paris apartment for the mountains of kitchen gadgets you collected? There’s a picture in the book of her kitchen, and it really doesn’t look bigger than mine.

I always enjoy exploring grocery stores in new places. It’s a little difficult  with 2 kids in tow, trying to read German ingredients (my son can’t eat wheat), counting money, and bagging my own groceries in my own bags before I get stares from other customers.

But I love to look at all the products I’ve never seen. The picture above is of some brown candy sugar for tea. So far I’ve discovered about 6 kinds of zucker. I’m tempted to buy them all just to look at them, but don’t worry, I’m holding back.

I had some fun last week making birthday “muffins” (which as far as I can tell are just cupcakes without frosting). I couldn’t translate the directions very well, but they turned out fine. I found this handy metric conversion calculator, which helped with the measurements. Hmmm, I bet there’s an app for that on my handy new phone.


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