Hand-Made Cloth Book from Laos


My friend Megan sent this beauty from Laos. She bought it directly from the maker on her long vacay in East Asia. It’s for the kids, but I’m kind of commandeering it.

I’m just dumbfounded at how much work was put into this little book. I think it would take me a year or more to do something like it. Megan said the woman had a big stack of them beside her and was working on more. Note how the mom and dad in the story are working together 🙂

If you’re interested in textile art, check out this blog I found the other day. It reminds me of a book I used to check out over and over again from my hometown library when I was a teenager: Textile Arts; Multicultural Tradition/ Singer and Spyrou. I finally bought myself a copy of it a few years ago.

Good news! Our container arrived on Monday. Bad news: the apartment is now a complete wreck. Did I really need to pack enough towels, sheets, and washcloths to host a busload of tourists? And burp cloths? What do I need burp cloths for?

I’m back to weeding, even though I thought I’d done so much on the other side. It’s slow-going but I did clear a couple of paths today.

2 thoughts on “Hand-Made Cloth Book from Laos

  1. Ok- note to self- continue to weed and purge! We are in the process of doing that but lately I am feeling myself slip into thinking things like, “well, maybe we could someday use this in Germany, i should just keep it”, or “what’s one more thing?” This is a good reminder to snap out of it and purge! 🙂

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