Dusting Off the “Mongust” Suitcase

I can finally share some big news now that it’s totally official. My family and I are moving to Hannover, Germany for a few years. It’s all very exciting and a little crazy! I’m sure I will find all kinds of new things to write about and our time will be full of adventures.

We will arrive in Hannover in April. I’ve been taking German classes—-it’s very interesting to learn how closely related it is to English. And boy, it sure has been giving my brain a workout, which feels great. It had been awhile since I was an official student of anything.

The “mongust” (my kids’ word for humongous) suitcase above was given to me in 1999 when I moved to Boston with it and not much else. It’s so huge I can’t say I get a lot of use out of it, but for crazy-far moves, and I’ve made a few, it surely comes in handy.


3 thoughts on “Dusting Off the “Mongust” Suitcase

  1. Emily this is so exciting! I hope to go to Germany next summer for research. I just started German for Dummies and we plan to get Rosetta Stone too.

    Maybe you can send me some emails in German!

    I hope you have a wonderful new life. Good luck with packing!

  2. Hi Emily! Thanks for saying hello on my blog!

    It is so exciting to meet someone else who is preparing to move to Hannover! What takes you to there?

    Good luck with all the preparations and craziness! We should definitely meet up once we are both there and settled (I arrive in late July)!

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