Blogger Meets Blogger

On a recent trip to Austin (more on that later) I had the honor of meeting up with one of my favorite bloggers, Malka Dubrawsky (above). Malka dyes her own fabrics (totally gorgeous) and uses them to make incredible quilts and other items with bright colors and a fun, modern feel. Check out her blogetsy shop, and book, Color Your Cloth.

It was fun to talk about crafts and blogging and interesting to compare the worlds of craft publishing and children’s publishing. I would say there are more similarities than differences 🙂

And I’m proud to say I was able to tell Malka about an Austin landmark that even she didn’t know.Stay tuned for details on that.


2 thoughts on “Blogger Meets Blogger

  1. Oh I am totally jealous that you got meet with Malka Dubrawsky and see her awesome color combination’s. I just read an article about her in the most recent, “American Craft” publication, entitled Dyeing to Sewing. I am looking forward to leaning more about your talents, and how you have put them to good use.

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