Washcloth Puppets


More Christmas gifts. These started out as terry velour Boppy covers I had hand-dyed (I did a little gel-glue batik on the fabric as well). I did something wrong with the sewing pattern, and the covers never fit the Boppy all that well. Once my son was crawling I knew we’d never use them again. I hated to part with the fabric, though, so I thought I’d make some washcloth puppets out of them for all the kids in the family.  I used my husband’s hand as a guide for the pattern.

I probably could’ve done something simpler for the eyes, but since some of the recipients are under two, I worried that  plastic googly eyes might become a choking hazard. I ended up hand-sewing on eyes I made out of  t-shirt fabric (I colored the pupils with a fabric marker).

The noses were my first attempt at machine applique. This tutorial at Sew, Mama, Sew was really helpful. I wouldn’t recommend appliqueing terry on top of terry, at least on your first try. I found flannel applique on top was much easier.

3 thoughts on “Washcloth Puppets

  1. Hey Emily,

    I always enjoy your blog, but these washcloths are one of my favorite. Just one question, though: What’s a boppy cover?

    • So glad you enjoy the blog and the puppets! A boppy is a nursing pillow shaped like a “C” 🙂 I just had to have orange and aqua covers for it when the little man was born, and of course they don’t exist, so my mom and I sewed them but of course I had to make it extra-hard by also dyeing the fabric myself.

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