Picnic Quilt

I finally got some red thread in my sewing machine and finished this quilt. I used blanket binding to edge it, hoping that the synthetic fiber would be less likely to wick moisture to the quilt top (the bottom layer is red nylon). It was also a really easy way to finish it. If you want to know more about this quilt, click here for info about its beginnings.

My daughter insisted we had to go on an immediate picnic to celebrate, which we did. The quilt is a little small for four rear-ends, but we had fun being cozy.

 In other news, I recently visited the brand spanking new Harvey B. Gantt African-American Cultural Center here in town. Wow! I had seen the Hewitt collection (including works by favorites Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence and others) about a decade ago and had been missing it ever since—until now it had no permanent home. I was so happy to see the collection again as well as the two stunning exhibitions of recent works by contemporary artists. The space itself is really lovely—-it would make a great event site.

1 thought on “Picnic Quilt

  1. I never thought that old smock would become so many different things. I think I wore it every day after work when you were little. In my mind I pictured four rear ends on the quilt in the middle of a beautiful field. I hope you will have many happy memories of the day. Mom

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