Native Flowers

I finished this painting a few weeks ago. It was a commissioned piece. The client requested flowers and suggested a color palette. Here’s what I came up with:



copyright 2009 Emily Smith Pearce

I guess because I’ve become so interested in gardening, it seemed important to me that the flowers be in-the-ground native plants (or hybrids of natives) that could actually co-exist together here in North Carolina. Without lots of extra watering. High standards, I know, for 2-D plants. I used butterfly weed (the orange), rose verbena (the lower pink flowers) and coreopsis, the small pink flowers in the upper area. All of these plants grow on the hill behind my house, though my coreopsis is actually yellow (it can be pink, however).

Here’s a view of what the painting looked like at the beginning:

a little further along:

mid-way through the process:

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