Making Something Out of Nothing


It’s one of my very favorite things to do. Just like Simms Taback’s Joseph (from Joseph Had a Little Overcoat  —I love the illustrations and the story about craftiness and thriftiness).

In this case, I’m making a picnic quilt out of items from my fabric stash. I’m a freehand, Gee’s Bend kind of a girl when it comes to quilts, and I love to use scraps with some kind of story. I also made a New Year’s resolution to use things in my craft stash rather than buying more materials. I haven’t completely stuck to this, but I’m making a good stab at it. The bottom of the quilt is a piece of red nylon I bought for I don’t know what. The patchwork top is made up of flotsam and jetsam: chambray curtains that were once a tablecloth, curtain fabric from my daughter’s nursery, and funky faux patchwork from an old 70’s smock of my mother’s (the rest of which I made into a knitting needle holder). The middle of the quilt sandwich is also made up of fabric scraps of various kinds, just not as pretty. I machine-pieced and am hand-quilting with embroidery thread.



2 thoughts on “Making Something Out of Nothing

  1. When I made that smock in about 1973 I never thought any of it would still be around 35+ years later and of course at the time never even dreamed of internet pictures. It brings back happy memories of when you and Mike were little and I’d put on the smock when I got home from work to cover my good clothes while cooking supper.

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