All Kinds of Updates


I’ve been snowed under with all kinds of things, but I’m back, and with good news. My easy reader, Slowpoke, is back in the queue again! The illustrator has signed on (more on that later), and I’m working on revisions now. No pub date yet.

Also, I was asked by South Carolina’s ETV (educational television) to do an interview for a program featuring SC authors.  It won’t happen until October, but I’m really excited and honored. I’ll post about it when it happens—the video will also be accessible online.

I’m just back from vacation and already enjoying the slower pace of summer. The photo above is of a wildflower I identified in coastal SC. As much time as I’ve spent there, I can’t recall ever having seen it—maybe because I don’t usually go there in May. It’s called a tropical salvia, and I was quite taken with it.

Below is another vacation pic—it’s the Ice House at Botany Bay on Edisto Island. This structure is on the National Register of Historic Places. Pretty cool for a refrigerator.



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