Luggage Tags


I made a bunch of these recently, inspired by the instructions/ examples here and here. I had trouble when it came to the interfacing, however. I don’t know if I used a different type than they did, but I found in order to use the interfacing I had to cut it slightly smaller than the tag size, insert it, and then topstitch the tag (along with the plastic sleeve on top) to secure the interfacing.

The yellow one is made from a thrifted shirt, the pink one from a diaper bag scrap, and the blue from a thrifted vintage tablecloth. They would be fun diaper bag tags, too, no?

After I figured out the interfacing trick, these made up quickly. I like how they all look together.

Currently waiting for notes on my YA novel and looking forward to an author visit next week.


One thought on “Luggage Tags

  1. Those are ADORABLE. And even more important, no one is going to accidently pick up the wrong bag with tags that unique. However, they create a new problem…maybe someone will walk off with your bags just for the luggage tags 🙂

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