Jordy Diaper Bag and Pad



Here’s an item I made recently, starting out with McCall’s pattern 5339 but ending up with something quite different. It’s a diaper pad with what was supposed to be a detachable zippered pack for wipes and diapers. The pattern and instructions were just awful to follow. I couldn’t make heads or tails of the zippered part, so after I made the diaper pad (out of this luscious Malden Mills fleece, backed with the bag fabric), I made up a Jordy bag with pockets. I’m pretty happy with the results, but I’m steering clear of McCall’s in the future.

After running my vintage sewing machine into the ground, I finally got a new one (thanks mom and dad!) that runs much more smoothly. It’s an Italian machine, a Necchi, and I love it. It’s simple, built like a tank, nice and heavy like a sewing machine should be. I also love that I can run over to Himebaugh’s (where I bought it) anytime I need some instruction on how to use it. The people there are great.


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