NC Experience

Saturday I participated in NC Experience an event for NC children’s authors at Broadfoot’s Bookstore in Wendell, NC. The highlight was having lunch with the other authors and signing books together. I especially enjoyed meeting Stephanie Greene, Joyce Hostetter, and Kevin Duffus. And of course, Eleanora Tate, who I heard speak at my own county library in Florence, SC when I was 9 or 10. Having enjoyed her books as a kid, it was a special honor to meet her again and to be on the program with her.

Here I am with Stephanie Greene, fellow Vermont College alum and author of the Owen Foote books and many others.

Below is Joyce Hostetter, a fellow Boyds Mills author. Her books are Best Friends Forever, Blue, and Healing Water, which just came out.

I regret not getting a photo of Eleanora Tate!

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