Gardening, Sewing, and Other Projects

Shasta Daisy SeedlingsI’ve been mothering a batch of various kinds of seedlings since February or so, trying to grow some perennials from scratch. The ones in the picture are shasta daisies, but I am also growing yarrow and blazing stars (liatris spicata). I haven’t been too successful with this in the past, but this year, with a few changes in my technique, things are going much better. I don’t know how many will make it to maturity, though. I definitely recommend using seed starter soil mix. That has made a huge difference. And I wouldn’t put the seedlings out into the garden until they’ve gotten at least a few leaves and a few inches on them. Hopefully we’ll have a little more rain this summer than last and next year these little guys will flower.

I’ve also been on a kick to make some reusable grocery bags out of my fabric stash. Yes, I know I can buy them for 99 cents at the store, but where’s the satisfaction in that?

Also working on my young adult novel, and I may have more news on my easy reader soon.

I’ll be signing books at the Barnes and Noble in Florence, SC on Saturday, June 14 at 5 p.m. Hope to see you there! Also look for the article in the June “Inner Views” in the Morning News.



2 thoughts on “Gardening, Sewing, and Other Projects

  1. Emily,
    I read Isabel and the Miracle Baby in just one sitting & I LOVE IT! It is a wonderful, touching story that is very close to many situations children today face. Thank you for the wonderful entertainment. {I especially love your description of the Guidance Counselor!!!}
    I am going to get the Read Aloud Committee at McLaurin Elementary (Florence) to consider using it next year!
    Thank you so much!!! Your two children are precious! ~~~ But with such special parents & grandparents, they were destined!
    Eagerly waiting for your next book!
    Marianne Hoylen
    (former Royall teacher / parent)

  2. Just like you are growing your daisies from seed, so does making the bags yourself seem so much more fulfilling.

    Of the flowers we’ve tried to start indoors from seed, our biggest failure was morning glories – too funny considering how easily they grow in corn fields. Other things did better, but our scrawny little vines never flowered and barely leaved before giving up completely on us.

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