A Magazine and Two Blogs After My Own Heart

Happy New Year! Time for new inspirations. At least in the crafting part of my brain. For Christmas I received a subscription to CRAFT magazine, which started just a year ago. 



It’s everything I wanted and more. I love it! There are all kinds of projects for simple but innovative crafts, many involving recycled materials. The last issue focuses on paper and gives tutorials for origami, flexagons, and unusual wrapping paper ideas. There are also sewing and knitting projects as well as profiles on artists with inspiring ideas. I love Readymade Magazine as well (http://readymademag.com), but a lot of the projects often involve power tools and electric wiring, which I’m not really into at this point. CRAFT is like the parts of Readymade that are the most interesting to me.

Two new-to-me blogs to inspire:


by a graphic designer and mother who gives tutorials on how to make beautiful things out of junkmail! Like this:

Some of her projects are great for doing with kids, too, which is a big bonus in my house.  

 The other blog is http://www.sewgreen.blogspot.com/

She has other elegant crafty recycling ideas, particularly those dealing with fabric (duh!). Here’s one of her creations, recycled felt slippers with a tutorial:


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