Home from NCTE

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. I arrived home from NYC just in time for ours.

NCTE was wonderful. My mother accompanied me so that my three-month-old son could be with me. Thanks, mom! I think I must’ve been known to the whole conference as “that woman with the baby.” The pictures were taken at a lower resolution than usual. Thus the fuzziness.

Baby Pouch

Yes, that’s baby boy in my favorite baby pouch that I made myself, thank you very much. It’s called a FrankenKozy, and you can make your own by following the directions at: http://www.greendotsewing.com/pages/FrankenKozy.php

I was able to see lots of old friends and new ones, including (and I’m sure I’m forgetting some): Lauren Myracle, Martin Wilson, An Na, Helen Hemphill, and Zu Vincent. I was especially excited to meet Sarah Beth Durst, author of Into the Wild, because she’s the childhood friend of my neighbor. Also met Perry Moore, author of Hero, who was evidently last week’s People’s Sexiest Man of the Week. I have to admit, though—I was more excited about his being the executive producer of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  I’m always skeptical of my favorite fantasies being made into films, but I thought TLTWATW was incredible.

Emily and Martin Here I am with Martin Wilson, whose debut novel is coming out next August. It’s titled What They Always Tell Us.

I also got to spend some QT with my editor, Joy Neaves, and all the folks at Front Street. Except I totally missed seeing Carolyn Coman, which was a real shame.  

The panel on the South with Martin Wilson and Lauren Myracle went really well. We had a fun time quizzing our northern presenter about Southern culture.

emilys-lecture.jpg Here I am paneling to a crowd with Martin Wilson and Lauren Myracle.

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