Thank yous

I didn’t get to do one of those exhaustive thank you pages in my book. I did get to dedicate the book to my husband and my parents, who have supported me in every way throughout this long process, but there are lots of others I want to thank.


Thank you to my poetry professor at UNC, the late Dr. Robert Kirkpatrick. I might never have become a writer had he not inspired me to change my major.  Thanks also to my UNC creative writing instructor, Bland Simpson. A big heartfelt thank you to all my friends at Vermont College, including my advisors: Norma Fox Mazer, Sharon Darrow, Brock Cole, and Carolyn Coman. And especially thanks to Jamie Pittel, Lauren Myracle, and An Na and to my Boston writing group. You all kept cheering for me through those long years it took to get this novel published, and I needed it! I appreciate your constant support.


One thought on “Thank yous

  1. Dear Emily,
    Your book is wonderful. You really do a good job of portraying some of the
    problems that our children have. I don’t think too much had been written
    about the issue of fear re: an ill parent when I was teaching. (Retired in 2000)
    Do keep up this good work as best you can with 2 babies. Expoloring the cliques
    was another good feature of your book.
    By now I’m sure that Isabel is enjoyng sharing a room with her sister.
    Betsey MOore

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